What is BIF?

Bangol - Baltic Sea region Non-Governmental Organizations and Leisure - is a network of NGOs, municipality youth clubs and children and youth centers originally developed in Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Russia and Denmark. Later other countries have joined.

The idea of an including international meeting came up in discussions during a project called BIP – Bangol Including Project. BIP was an inclusive project leadership training course for Swedish and Lithuanian youth with and without disabilities, which took place in these two countries in 2010.

The aim now is to broaden the perspective of inclusion and also discuss aspects of, for example, gender, ethnicity, age, health, social and economic background, religion, sexuality, as well as physical ability. How do we create an inclusive society with equal rights and opportunities for everyone?

Through hard work, many discussions and with the financial support from the European “Youth in Action” programme, the Bangol Including Festigress Project was born. Through local activities and transnational meetings we will make our motto come true: “Youngsters who learn together, learn to live together!”