Monday, February 13, 2012

More inclusive city planning:
Help give Lund suggestions for getting there?
Around the highest point in the City of Lund a new neighborhood is growing up in Northern Europe's most attractive environment for enterprise, research and education. Northeast of the University Building in central Lund you find some of the world's foremost institutions of research and education, side by side with leading companies in IT, pharmacology and food.

This development will mean a big change in the character of the city of Lund, as many more international researcher projects are attracted to the city, and also through the sheer size of the development (estimates are that some 50,000 people will live and work in the area once it is finished…currently Lund has around 110,000 residents). It will also mean a big change through the creation of a large park and green recreational area close to the new city area, something which Lund currently does not have.

The city of Lund wants to include citizens in the development so that their ideas can make it even better, and so that they have opportunities to reflect and give their views on what is happening. We will do this in various ways, and we are always looking for new methods for participation…

You are at a conference right now discussing inclusion and democracy; can you help this city with suggestions of how to better include citizens in city planning? Your suggestions will be used as inspiration in our ongoing work with involving the citizens of Lund.

Please fill in this questionnaire to help us out (click here)

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